Deer Hunting 101 Workshop

On October 20th, we will be conducting a workshop titled "Deer Hunting 101" in which we will be taking you from the couch to hanging that trophy on the wall.  The fee for this workshop is $10.00, and for attending the workshop you will receive a free Tru Mounts Taxidermy T-Shirt.  This course is for anyone over the age of 7 years of age, and is in no way affiliated with any type of hunters safety course.

Aside from owning and operating Tru Mounts, we are seasoned deer hunters with years of experience that we like to share with others.  In this course one can expect to learn the following:

  • The basic equipment needed
  • How to find where the deer are
  • The importance of scents and wind
  • How to place stands and blinds
  • How to use attractants, calls, and pointers that come with years of experience
  • The importance of making taking the right shot
  • What to do when you take something down
  • Field dressing tips
  • How to prepare a deer that you plan to have mounted
  • And of course, where to take your trophy when you need a taxidermist!!

To register for this course, please fill out the short form below and someone will be in contact with you to confirm your registration.

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